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A refreshing cream designed especially for the sensitive eye area. The combination of ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil, Shea Nut Oil, helichrysum, thistle, hamamelis extract helps against swelling leaving a rested bright look. Apply daily morning and night.


Hamamelis is a tree with many unique properties and is used mainly in cosmetology. Its anti-aging properties make hamamelis a herb useful for all ages and all skin types. The strong astringent action is particularly useful in oily skins, with apparent results in dilated pores. It also stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production.
Helichrysum: A mythical plant in which nature donated the gift of eternal youth, retaining its beauty and freshness even when cut. Helichrysum has amazing dermo-cosmetic properties. It causes immediate skin rejuvenation, stimulates the contour and stretches the skin. It has a direct effect on edema, inflammation, varicose veins, hematoma, psoriasis, eczema and bruising.


Apply a small amount with circular movements around the eye area following the direction of the eyebrow. For better results previously use AKESO face serum.